Envision Offshore

More than 35+ years of providing Commodities Brokerage Services.

Envision Offshore - Comprehensive Financial and Wealth Management Planning in an Online World.

Portfolio Management & Diversification

From start to finish, we are with you every step of the way. We will expand your portfolio, maximizing profit and minimizing risk.

Asset Management & Protections

Let our experts find you the right investment at the right time. We will work with you and set your risk levels to where you are comfortable.

Envision Offshore

We are there when you need us, we are in the game year round, year after year. Our team is Dedicated to our valued clients and work when need us to. We want you to succeed, and schedule our time around yours. We work for you.

We are specialists and offer a managed approach to all our clients to better tailor their experience and meet their individual needs. We are not a DIY firm letting our clients fend for themselves. We guide you from start to finish, and are with you every step of the way.
We offer a simple and easy to use, yet powerful online experience. We are always just a click away, and connected like never before. Gone is the days of traveling to an office miles, cities or even Countries away.

Frequently Asks Questions

Yes. There is some due diligence that must be done as well as some KYC forms and other documents to go over, but other than that, yes we are open for new business.

We are not an open trading platform for day traders and DIY investors. We are a specialized firm that guides our clients from start to finish. We make the trades and maintain your portfolio, with your direct input every step of the way. Opening an account is 100% free and you are under no obligations if you do open an account.

There are no costs or fees to open an account and you are under no obligations to use our services or expertise once you open the account. You may also close your account at any time.

Your investments will be as secure as can be, and more so as you will have a small army of people to safeguard your investments and your future. This is what we do and only what we do. Work For You.

We are a specialized firm, and deal only within the Commodities Futures and Options Markets as well as Forex.